50+ Plus No 02 (1983)

50+ Plus No 02 (1983)

This unusual story was sent in to us recently. We have printed it exactly as it was, except that we’ve changed anything that we felt might identify the wife concerned. Whether this is fact or fantasy, we’ll never know, it’s up to you to decide. . You’ll never believe my story, because it sounds so incredible, but every word is true. In fact as I sit here, my husband is standing over me to make sure I don’t miss anything out. In a way it’s a sort of confession, the only difference between this and a confession is that I won’t feel any better for having admitted it all to you.

50+ Plus No 02 the home of the D cup, tits of the tavern, a slave to her husbands lust

Featuring Models:
Roberta Pedon
Clyde Rosen as Vieta
Titty Carter as 50+ Girl of the Month

50+ Plus No 02 (1983)
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