Cheri September 1976

Cheri September 1976

One of the biggest differences between the early days of Cheri compared to it’s local competitor, High Society, was the stability of the editorial team. Whereas Carl Ruderman, publisher of High Society, seemingly hired and fired his senior team on a monthly basis, Peter Wolff wanted continuity. He surrounded himself by friends, who worked hard, and partied hard – and they helped him make his unique vision for a magazine a reality.

By the second month, Wolff had added a number of additional staff members, including Gloria Leonard (who would use her experience gleaned at Cheri to later become ‘publisher’ at High Society), photographer Carl Kravatz, and Bob Amsel, the editor of adult film magazine, Flick.

The big exclusive in the second issue of Cheri was a feature on Elizabeth Ray. Ray was the central figure in a much publicized sex scandal earlier in the year that ended the career of U.S. Rep. Wayne Hays (D-Ohio). Ray had been on the payroll of a committee run by Hays for two years as a clerk-secretary. During that time she stated her actual job duties were providing Congressman Hays sexual favors. Ray also admitted having sex with married Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska) arranged by her then boss Rep. Kenneth J. Gray (D-Illinois) in exchange for Gravel’s support of a bill Gray was pushing.

Wolff obtained nude pictures of Elizabeth Ray, taken before the scandal broke, and published them under the heading, “Meet The Beaver That Blew Washington’s Cool.”

Peter Wolff and Peter Hurd followed up their profile of Annie Sprinkle in the previous issue with a similar feature on the “current pop tart in Big Apple blue films,” Jeanette Sinclair. Who could forget her portrayal of Justine in Love in ‘Strange Places’,\ where she was credited as ‘Janet Sucatitt’?

There were photo spreads featuring a pregnant woman (“Ninth-Month Nookie”), a review of the new film ‘Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks’, a bizarre pictorial of Gloria Leonard seducing a (supposedly) underage boy scout (don’t panic – the accompanying text reveals that they got married afterwards), and a much-needed and helpful guide to breast bondage.

Peter Wolff covered The All-Bare Revue at New York’s prestigious Beacon Theater, where he was part of the committee that selected ‘Miss Naked New York’ (adult film star Beth Anna was one of the contestants).

Bob Amsel contributed an interview of west coast photographer Nippy Phillips, which included pictures of Sandy Carey.

Best of all, there was a selection of photos taken by Peter Hurd featuring Jamie Gillis and Terri Hall – “together for the first time since The Story of Joanna“. The location for the shoot was the basement of Terri’s own apartment in the Village.

The regular columns continued – with Jody Maxwell in particular taking her writing gig seriously. She reported from Kansas, where she met with prostitution activist Margo St. James.

Now that Cheri was established, readers were invited to subscribe to the magazine and be part of the family: “Cheri offers you a direct, one-to-one dialogue with the makers and shakers of the erotic blitzkrieg. We offer you a membership in our little enterprise. We are a fucking Super-family, an alliance of readers and performers joined by common curiosities and passions.”

Cheri September 1976
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