Cloud 9 Vol 03 No 02 (1966)

Cloud 9 Vol 03 No 02 (1966)

Although not a musician by any stretch of imagination, Gigi usually brings a toy banjo along on these picnic trips and the two girls may sing a few songs before they finally sit down to eat their lunch. Then they will wander around the woods playing all sorts of games that they make up at the spur of the moment, and finally, when the light begins to fade, will head back to the city. But the day isn’t over for them yet. On these picnic days, they usually take in a movie on the way home. That way, they round out the day and are ready for their jobs on Monday morning. The girls say that their picnics are grand. We believe them, too!

Janet has only been a professional model for a few months now, but already reports are coming in from several photographers about that “certain something” she is able to project when in front of a camera. Some have labeled it an ability to add a real warmth to a piece of film, others have called it Janet’s fey “pixie” quality.

Cloud 9 Vol 03 No 02 Those Deep-Freeze Nymphs, Love In The Tropics, Pointers For A Bachelor Pad, Haiti Oui-Oui

Cloud 9 Vol 03 No 02 (1966)
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