Creme De La Face 1994 DVDRip

Creme De La Face 1994 DVDRip

In this incredible new series, the King of Cream dedicates nasty action to lovers of messy, wet facial cum shots! Rodney splatters the faces of lovelies Lana Sands, Pearl, Umma and Brea in four long, hot scenarios. In addition, Rodney messes the faces of Greta Carlson, Cumisha, Gabriella, Kirea, Shay Thomas and K.J. in short. creamy, wet explosions, all never before seen on video!

After Lana teases him by dancing sexually, Rodney lavishes oral attention on her gorgeous butt and asshole, then plunges into fur pie. Rodney nearly fucks the life out of sexy Lana, finally blasting her beautiful face and hungry mouth with a hot, creamy load.

A couple of quick cum shots later, Rodney invites Pearl, a school marm-type with giasses and a great personality, back to his Seattle hotel. In the car, he eats her bald beaver. In the hotel, Pearl gets two orgasms from Rodney’s fucking, and sperm erupts all over her face and glasses.

In short segments, two more beauties are facially coated by Rodney’s cum, and in the third full segment Rodney is welcomed to his new apartment by horny neighbor Umma. This beautfful and brazen Oriental babe artistically swallows Rodney’s uncircumcised cock and screams in ecstasy when he rams it all up her pussy. Rodney unleashes a gallon of heavy cream on Umma’s face and she revels in his love juices.

In a short spot, Kira and Shay lovingly share Rodney’s plentiful cum, kissing and licking each other’s face, enjoying every last drop of the thick, white goo. And in fourth extended scene, Brea is so hungry, she even eats his asshole! Rodney buries his thick rod deep in Brea’s asshole and finally satisfies her hunger with a hardy helping of cum.
Her shameless smile shows how she enjoys a faceful of Rodney’s tasty spunk!

Category: Classic
Starring: Brea, Cumisha Amado, Gabrielle, Greta Carlson, K.J., Kira, Lana Sands, Pearl, Rodney Moore, Shay Thomas, Umma, Zumira
Language: English

Creme De La Face 1994 DVDRip
1.76 GB | 01:58:47 | 640×480 | 29.970 FPS | AVC | AAC LC


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