Escort Vol 02 No 12 (1982)

Escort Vol 02 No 12 (1982)

Escort is a British men’s adult magazine which contains softcore pornography and erotica. It is published by Paul Raymond Publications.

Bouncing Barmaids! Bobbing Big Ones! Spluttering Beertaps! Shivering Sausages! Steamed up Optics! Well, you probably know who these two are already, but you know us, we’re always happy to refresh your memory. If you guessed the identity of either of our covergirls award yourself a drink immediately by filling in the coupon on page 8. Easy wasn’t it? We ‘spect you recognised Linzi’s bum the minute you walked in the shop and saw it twinkling at you from the top shelf.

Linzi, as you all know, is at least 37-24-36 (and 23), and loves every minute of it; and Gloria is 35-24-36 (and 21). That should give you something to chew on while you’re enjoying your drink. We enjoyed ours but then we were trapped in a bar for three hours and we thought we could drink our way out wrong again we had to crawl out like everyone else. Actually it looks as though Escort is first with the new barmaid gear for 1983. Let’s face it, you couldn’t stay away from a pub run by these two could you?

On the other hand we thought they were both very brave and stripped off in front of their appreciative male audience in the bar without demur. We did promise them that you’d all have a little fantasy about them this month – you don’t mind do you? You know, just one, just close your eyes and dream of your ideal pub and what you’d like to do if you found them cleaning the floor like this – it would make them both very happy if you did. It is the festive season after all.

Escort Vol 02 No 12 (1982)
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