High Society June 1976

High Society June 1976

Issue 02 opened with a challenge to High Society’s closest competitor, Hustler. Larry Flynt had recently offered $1,000,000 to Patty Hearst to appear nude in the pages of Hustler (it never happened). High Society declared this sexist, and instead took the moral high ground by offering $2,000,000 to various couples, including Sonny and Cher, Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert, Porter Waggoner and Dolly Parton, and (gulp) Donny and Marie Osmond, to appear nude in their publication. (This didn’t happen either.)

Just as the debut issue boasted an Andy Warhol exclusive, Issue 2 kept the up celebrity name appeal by printing unpublished writing by renowned science fiction novelist Isaac Asimov. Impressive right? Well, rather than being a hitherto uncovered manuscript by the great man, it was actually a series of his ‘lecherous limericks’, such as:

Young Alice is know for her poise, During quiet foreplay with the boys. But then when she has ‘em At the brink of orgasm You can’t hear yourself think for the noise.

A new appointment to Carl’s editorial team was Richard Sasanow in the role of managing editor. Richard contributed an article on Muhammed Ali’s sex life (‘Float Like a Butterfly, Swing Like a Minx’). Also included was an obligatory S&M piece describing a ‘Live Brutality Session’ – “one of the most shocking pieces you’ll probably read this year”, according to Sue Richards herself.

On the adult film front, the issue had brief features about Gerard Damiano’s ‘Let My Puppets Come’ and the mysterious Ganja Express, as well as two pictorials featuring porn stars taken by Peter Hurd. Early porn starlet Helen Madigan – roommate of Issue 1 centerfold, Jean Dalton – appeared with an ape in a genuinely bizarre feature which showed them having sex, arguing over coffee… and then walking the dog. I’m serious.

The second feature, no less strange, was an erotic re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood, featuring porn actors Beerbohn Tree and Susan Sloane. (“Wolfie crazed by Red’s li’l bod, Decided ‘twas time to empty his rod.”) The idea of taking a work of fable or literature and sexing it up for a pictorial would become a staple of High Society in the coming months.

High Society June 1976
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