High Society November 1976

High Society November 1976

The November issue was perhaps most notable for having the same editorial team for the third month in a row – the first time such stability had existed at High Society. They served up the magazine’s second helping of celebrity skin after the success of the Greta Garbo pictures two months previously. This time the subject was Brigitte Bardot, though once again the shots were largely black and white beach photos taken from a distance away. No matter – the cover headline, ‘Brigitte Bardot Busts Out!’, was enough to ensure the highest circulation thus far.

Writer Richard Milner, who in 1973 had written the groundbreaking examination of the urban pimp culture ‘Black Players’, interviewed Margo St. James about her new organization COYOTE (‘Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics’), established to decriminalize prostitution and improve working conditions for women who sold sex for a living. Milner’s association with High Society would continue into the following year when he put together a landmark one-off publication ‘Who’s Who in X-Rated Films.’

Reggie Danzig’s On Exhibit column took a look at Through The Looking Glass (“too good to be booked into most porn movies houses, yet too explicit to play in ‘legit’ theatres”), the Jennifer Welles vehicle Little Orphan Sammy (“good, clean, dirty, All-American fun”) and gave a positive review to Summer Brown’s The Joy of Letting Go (“I have always suspected that a woman’s fantasy life, when given the freedom of expression, is far more imaginative and enticing than the average man’s. ‘The Joy of Letting Go’ provides evidence for that thesis.”)

Gloria Leonard penned a column describing how she started in the industry (“How Did I Get In This Fucking Business”), and there was a short article on the film Gums included a picture of Terri Hall.

High Society November 1976
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