Peaches No 72 (1994)

Peaches No 72 (1994)

Peaches No 72 (1994) the Only British Magazine Exclusively Devoted to Huge Breasted Women…
Vintage Big Boob Porn Magazine From the 90s Features B/W and Colour Photographs, Articles, Contacts and Erotica.

When I tell people I am a masseur at a posh new health farm they usually react with a nudge and a wink, they seem to think it means an endless supply of willing young women just dying to be fucked by yours truly. Sadly it’s very far from the truth, my customers are either middle aged businessmen or overweight and ugly old women, they are definitely very willing but I am not that desperate!

The one and only exception to the normal routine of pummeling acres of cellulite stuffed flesh happened just last week. At the end of a long tiring day my last appointment finally arrived, the intercom crackled into life and Sally, the receptionist, told me a Miss Soames was in the waiting room. I asked her to send the woman up then readied the necessary towels, lotions and scented oils. A tap, tap, tap on the door was followed by it being opened, through the door-way stepped a vision of sexual heaven, an angel of lust!

She was young, beautiful, tall and the proud owner of the most enormous pair of tits I have ever seen. A pretty smile spread across Miss Soames plump, painted lips, her big brown eyes sparkled beneath long, curled lashes.

Peaches No 72 (1994)
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