Teenage Schoolgirls No 36 January 1993

Teenage Schoolgirls No 36 January 1993

Teenage Schoolgirls No 36 Lynn Accepts an Invation to Ecstacy With a More Mature Lover. High Class Photography Plus Hot Juicy School Girls, Learning About Love & Lust.

Sweet Fucker Daniela Star
Body Talk (Jennifer Toth (Blonde) Doris Hayes (Brunette)
Teenage Desire (Tiffany Minx)
Classroom Capers (CLASSIC, First In Teenage Sex From October 1977)
Linda (Mickey Lynn)
Greedy Young Cunt (Mylene Badou)

Erotic Porn Stories Preview:
Grita and Elizabeth had been hitch-hiking round Spain, and they were both very happy to meet Paul when they ended up on Ibiza. They were a bit tired of sleeping in their tent and his offer to let them stay at his big villa was one that they simply couldn’t refuse…

The girls enjoyed a good night’s sleep, and got up next morning to look for their host. They had discussed how they could repay his hospitality and come up with a sexy little plan. Paul was doing some weight training when they found him… “You know, big biceps don’t impress us!” Grita informed him slyly. “There’s only one muscle we’re interested in!” Paul got the message straight away…

Teenage Schoolgirls No 36 January 1993
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